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Cancer healing and preventing online program


This program have two big parts:
Psychological and practical (experimentally tested by researchers, scientifically proven natural cancer healing methods with serious verifiable references)

Psychological part


ou know that any allopathic treatment alone is insufficient to heal cancer quickly and definitely for the following reasons:

First, it focuses only on killing cancer cells, but never on the plurality on causes which have triggered this cancer and which may go on having an impact on it during and after the treatment, if they are not taken into account.

Second, any allopathic treatment is able to deal with other serious problems which often accompany cancer and diminish the treatment’s results such as a patient’s pessimistic and even fatalistic emotional state, absence or weakness of his or her motivation to stay alive and heal, doubts in recovery, a depression, a fear to die or to see cancer relapse…

Third, allopathic treatments may kill cancer while hurting other surrounding healthy tissues which create a supplementary stress in the organism and increases the charge this organism should take to recovery. In simple words, the more tissues are hurt, the more energy and time the body needs to heal them. As well as the more chemical toxins it accumulates, the more time and energy it needs to heal. Today, scientists show that most of these side effects can be reduced, for example, thanks to some proven naturopathic medicine able to treat cancer being at the same time harmless for healthy cells, or protecting them from radiation. There are other methods of special nutrition and fasting with similar results. It’s important to admit it and to use it on a common basis.

You realize that an emotional state of mind should be seriously taken into account when we speak about cancer. The problems such as depression, fears, loneliness, disappointment in life or in people, and sometimes in the allopathic medicine also have a huge impact on the results of treatments, and should be treated in parallel with cancer itself. But treating them only with pills is to shut down all emotions, both negative and positive, the emotions which could and should be a powerful source of inner life force. Using antidepressants instead of facing the problems here is to deprive a cancer patient of his or her inner power to heal.

Cancer is more than a disease. It’s an indicator of a disequilibrium in life on different levels. It’s also a life changing challenge. It is an opportunity to finally start living in accordance with your inner self. It initiates an necessary change in a way of living, feeding yourself, thinking and believing which becomes a stable foundation for healing process.

Practical steps of your healing


lmost a year of reading international scientific researches gave the result: more than 40 natural ingredients scientifically proven to heal cancer, to protect healthy cells from radiation and improve maturation of dendritic cells. All of them checked for eventual toxicity (based on scientific researches as well). Russian untranslated scientific studies about a long term fasting (physiology of long term fasting, contraindications, complications, rules, refeeding diet), with contemporary American and international studies demonstrating a role of fasting in cancer treatment, that I accompany with my feed-backs of my personal experiences of 30 days water only fasting. Moreover, in the process of working on this program I developed a special fasting focused on cancer healing and prevention "Combined anti-cancer fasting" which is more efficient and easy to stand than a water only fasting. This method can be used alone or in combination with chemotherapy, radiotherapy or immunotherapy. Besides all this, you will find lots of other useful information. This part includes 2 video-lectures and 2 PDF reports.

Who am I to speak about it? I’m more than an inspired person, I’m a certified and experienced hypnotherapist, specialized also in cancer preventing nutrition and fasting, I’m a person who used to have a precancer and healed it on my own.

More than any theorist, I understand what it is to lose people who you love because of cancer. I understand what it is to know that I have the same genes than them which predispose me to have the same disease. I understand what it is to receive a bad diagnosis. But I refuse to live in fear, I refuse the theory of genes’ fatality. I believe in my own power to heal myself, and I believe in a human power to heal himself. I believe in You!

It took me time to think and realize this Cancer healing and preventing program. This is a symbiosis of my experience of self-healing, my professional knowledge and experience, the most recent international scientific researches, and some ancients healing practices which proved their efficiency through time. This is a complex approach combining psychology, hypnosis, nutrition, scientific researches, modern immunology, quantum healing and ancient healing wisdom and knowledge.

You will find:


presented in 5 video-lectures + one video-hypnosis in a digital video format + 2 PDF reports - 3 hours of useful, practical, life-changing information about the following subjects:


You have a chance to watch exceptionally FOR FREE 2 first video-lectures out of 4 parts of "Practical steps of your healing"

Watch them here

What you will find in 4 parts of Practical steps of your healing


Practical steps of your healing. Part I :

- anti-cancer diet,

- 40 experimentally tested by researchers on different types of cancer and scientifically proven cancer healing natural ingredients (extracts, roots, plants, oils, mushrooms) with serious verifiable scientific studies' references (I precise: real scientific researches' references, NOT local newspapers' articles!!!),

The scientific researches concerning all of these ingredients were personally checked by me. This is a reliable information. All references are included and can be verified. They are all compatible with your allopathic treatments and enhance their results.
Here is a small excerpt out of the lecture


Practical steps of your healing. Part II :

- Long term water only fasting (method of Dr.Nikolaev),

You will know about Russian and American researches in this field, fasting's application for cancer, indications and contraindications, the rules of fasting and a combination of cancer healing ingredients with fasting. I will also share my personal experience of 30 days water only fasting.

- 6 methods to improve your immune system,

We know that a properly functioning immune system is able to eradicate cancer. Improving your immune system becomes very important if you want to be healthy. In this lecture you will know about 6 different methods to strengthen your immune system. All of them are compatible and can be used together for a better result.

- healing power of water,

Ancient effective healing tools which finally have found a scientific explanation

- self-discipline

Here is a small excerpt out of the lecture


Practical steps of your healing. Part III :

-A report-investigation about hepatoprotection or toxicity of all healing ingredients (mentioned in two previous lectures) on liver with scientific references,

This scientific information describes the abilities of this ingredients concerning their impact on liver which allows to avoid intoxication, liver injury and even protect and restore the liver. The ingredients can not be used before knowing how they affect the liver! The scientific researches concerning all of these ingredients were personally checked and classified by me. This is a reliable information. All references are included and can be verified. Format: PDF file


Practical steps of your healing. Part IV :

-Physiology of a long term water only fasting (Soviet, Russian, American and international studies)
It's important to precise that fasting has been studied about 50 years ago in the Soviet Union, officially recognized by the Soviet State as an efficient cure and has been used in hospitals. All these studies have not been translated and remain unknown in he Western scientific world. As Russian, I decided to translate some parts of these Soviet and Russian studies that I considered important.

-Comparison of my two long term fasting experiences:
30 days water only fasting and 26 days Combined anti-cancer fasting (the last fasting has just finished)

A personal experience is always more important than any theoretic knowledge or experiments on mice. Moreover, in practice usually we can see some facts which are not described in books. Of course, before speaking about my method of Combined Anti-cancer fasting it was important to test it on myself in order to see whether people will be able to do it, and how this combination will influence the fast's functioning. On this stage of fasting I can already compare two long term fasting experiences and I'm satisfied with how it goes, it not only confirms my thoughts, but it appeared to be more bearable (You can see how I feel in videos below). Moreover, it keeps all the benefits of water only fasting and adds other benefits. By the end of fasting blood analysis will be made.

-Detailed description of Combined Anti-cancer fasting including a special post-fasting refeeding diet. Method by Anna Iourenkova

-Possible associations of a Combined Anti-cancer fasting with chemotherapy, radiotherapy or immunotherapy
I will know how exactly it's better to do these associations if you need them. You will know how exactly it's better to associate a Combined anti-cancer fasting and a post-fasting special diet, but also cancer healing ingredients alone with chemotherapy, radiotherapy or immunotherapy to have better results and protect better your healthy cells.

You can see me below practising Combined anti-cancer fasting in the following videos with some answers to your questions

Format: PDF file



You have a chance to watch exceptionally FOR FREE the whole 26 minutes video-lecture

Watch it here

Meaning of life and mistakes which prevent us from healing

Knowing why you live is fundamental for your healing. Superficial reasons vanish in front a big life's test such as cancer. It becomes urgent to find the right one or the right ones. The meaning we give to our life is a fuel which lets our inner engine function despite all, and makes us go forward. It's a motivation which gives us strength to fight for our recovery.
As for the mistakes, there are several kinds of them, as for example, those which seem to our naive mind to be an advantage to stay sick. It's good to be conscious of them in order to choose what we want exactly: to heal or to stay sick...



You have a chance to watch exceptionally FOR FREE the whole 38 min video-lecture

Watch it here

Healing power of your Mind

As a person who healed a pre-cancer by myself, I affirm that we are all able to do it, we all have this inner power to heal ourselves. In this lecture you will know more about my healing experience and will receive my practical advice about how to use yours mind's power. Also the lecture includes two healing meditations which will help you. History is full of "miraculous recoveries"' stories. It's time to admit that this miracle can be also yours, and learn how to do it.



You have a chance to watch exceptionally FOR FREE the whole 28 minutes video-lecture

Watch it here

Healing power of forgiveness

Resentment and anger take your energy that you need to recover. Pardon lets you get rid of them. It is evident. But what most theorists don't understand is that telling it is not enough. If you have something to pardon, but you haven't done it yet, is that it wasn't easy for you for different reasons. Pardon is not easy. But this lecture will make it possible.

Precision: Lectures include 3 guided meditations “Practical forgiveness” and two different cancer -healing meditations


30 min Video-hypnotherapy « Healing life flow »

I developed my own method of video-hypnotherapy witch respects the functioning of human subconscious mind with a better transmission of healing suggestions than it's usually done in regular video-meditations. This 30 minutes video-hypnotherapy « Healing life flow. Anti-cancer version » is aimed, first, to install a positive state of mind and to transmit a vital force, a desire to stay alive, and second, to strengthen the immune system and to optimize any cancer healing therapy. You will be able to download it. The advantage is that in this way you can watch it when and where you want, as much time as you need which increases the results. You can also download the audio-recording of this video-hypnotherapy and listen to it as many times as you need, especially during natural trance states to improve the influence of healing suggestions.

The therapy is done according to the following principal:

80% of the information in lectures are meant to be consciously integrated, and 20% -subconsciously.
70% of video-hypnotherapy are integrated subconsciously and 30% -consciously.

The fact, that you don't understand everything in the video-hypnotherapy, or it seems strange, is normal!

You will also receive audio-recordings of the meditations and the hypnosis which you will be able to listen to before getting asleep for a better result.

You will receive an access to the videos online and you will be able to download them which will give you a possibility to watch them as much time as you need. The advantage is that you can watch them and listen to the audio-recordings when and where you want, as much time as you need, especially during natural trance states to improve the influence of healing suggestions. Each time you do it, it will increase the results.

All videos are in HD quality, so you can project them onto a big screen or a wall


oreover, by buying this cancer-healing and preventing program you will receive a gift:

- healthy chocolate recipe which suits to the anti-cancer diet

- inspiring poetry “I will live my life” audio-recording by the author. You can use this poem (whole or partly) as an inspiring self-suggestion or a motivating mantra. You will also receive the link to download the gift.

What this Cancer healing and preventing program is
and what it's not

Have a clear idea about what it is and why to have it!

What differentiates this Cancer healing and preventing program from others :

  • There are a lot theories and advice that their authors never put in practice, or ideas repeated without a real understanding and treated only on a superficial level but never going deeper.
    This Cancer healing and preventing program, including all lectures, is different. This is a gist of my personal experience of self-healing, a personal philosophic and psychological research, several years of my professional experience in hypnotherapy and psychotherapy, my search both for a scientific knowledge and alternative medicine, and a test of a majority of the described methods on myself.

  • Everything I say (in the psychological part of the program) was thought on a deep level and experienced by me. All scientific data comes with references.

  • Neither this program, no any of the lectures, are meant to replace allopathic treatments, but to be combined with them. If however you decide to do it, it will be only your responsibility. As well as any existing treatment, this program can Not give you a guarantee of a complete healing, despite the scientific evidence of the described naturopathic medicine's efficiency, because each case is unique, depends on multiple factors such as a patient's initial stage of cancer and presence of other pathologies, a desire to stay alive, a loving environment or its absence, a self-disciple to use regularly all methods, tools, informations that you will receive in this program...

  • This Cancer healing and preventing program can guarantee you only that you will feel better, the results of your allopathic treatments will improve, accelerating your healing, with the condition that you put in practice all important advice and information given in this program and do it regularly all along your treatment, and even after. As well as with any other treatment, the results of using this program are progressive, especially it concerns the effects of fasting and naturopathic ingredients, but also the impact of meditations and hypnosis. The more you listen to them and watch them, the better the suggestions are integrated by your mind which, in its turn, changes the functioning of your organism and the process of healing.

  • What does the term "healing" mean exactly? The term "Healing" doesn't necessarily mean the result (recovery), but a process of recovering which makes this recovery possible, because any recovery occurs immediately and without reason. On the contrary, every recovery is a result of a healing process which may be more or less long, visible or hidden, and due to a complex of causes (physiological, chemical, psychological, spiritual, ..). The term "healing" used in the title of the Program and elsewhere refers, first, to this multiplicity of causes which triggers and accelerates the final result of recovery. The program is aimed to activate these triggers of recovery. Second, it refers to the ability of the 40 ingredients mentioned in the 4th lecture to heal cancer which was scientifically proven. It is a duty for everyone to spread scientific data which is able to help people

  • This is a responsible, professional and at the same time human approach, pursuing a goal to give the maximum of a concrete, verified, useful information, but also a sincere affection most patients need. This program is made with knowledge, wisdom and love

  • This is an online program, and by its essence it can't have an individual approach. Depending on your case, your unique life story, you may need also an one-on-one consultation which is not a part of this program. In this case you are welcome to book an appointment for a consultation by Whats app or Skype, you can find the price list in the menu's header "Products".

Go further: Master your healing Why to opt for the package? For whom this program is? The menu

This program is a magic wand
only for those
who are willing to learn how to master it

For whom this program is and for whom not?

Be honest with yourself

  • This program can be useful both for open minded doctors who understand that a complex approach is indispensable to heal cancer, and for their patients. It's recommended to inform your doctor when you decide to do fasting or to take healing ingredients.
    This program is also useful for people who want to prevent cancer.

  • This program is not for lazy people who expect other do everything for them while they don't want to do any effort for their healing.
    My responsibility is to give you all necessary information and to show you an example of healing. Your responsibility is to integrate all this information and to put it in practice, to change what should be changed in your life, your way of thinking, feeding yourself, taking care of yourself, improving your relationships, and finding your sources of happiness. And to do it regularly

  • This program is not for people who expect a magical immediate result.
    The magic of healing is a result of consequent, regular cleansing and healing efforts, procedures and exercises, self-discipline, necessary life changes, mental self-control, transformation of negative behaviour, beliefs and thoughts patterns into positive ones, a new life order.
    It's evident that it takes time. The more serious your initial state of cancer, the more efforts you will should do, and the more time it will take.

  • This Cancer healing and preventing program is for people who want to heal quicker, willing to do efforts to succeed it, courageous enough to face their previous mistakes in order to correct them. I will tell you how to do it

  • If I was able to heal, everyone is able to do the same. This Cancer healing and preventing program shows you how to do it, but it's a challenge for you. Are you ready to take it up?

Take up the challenge! Why to opt for the package? The menu

This is a unique program
made with knowledge, experience's wisdom and love

Why to opt for the whole Cancer healing and preventing program

rather than for one or several lectures?

Why buying the whole program will give your more and better results than buying only a part of it :

  • First of all, you have a freedom of choice: you can buy any part of the program separately (or several of them), or purchase the whole Cancer healing and preventing program.

  • Each lecture is effective by itself and can be useful not only for cancer patients but also for other people to treat specific subjects described in every lecture. However, when we speak about cancer patients, a complex multidimensional approach is always better than any unidimensional, because it treats difference causes, consequences and psychological side effects of cancer at the same time, while an allopathic treatment targets cancer cells only. Each part of the program has its worth, its unique role in helping cancer patient feel better and advance quicker towards recovery.

  • By choosing to buy the whole program rather than a part of it, you will receive a gift: an inspiring poem "I will live my life" which will increase your motivation to stay alive and healthy, and a chocolate recipe compatible with cancer preventing diet.

  • Finally, you save money when purchasing the whole Cancer healing and preventing program, than buying each lecture separately.

Choose what is better for you The menu

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You can choose the amount. This money will be used for advertising the program. Thank you!

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